Project Description
The Coliseum tele-presence system allows multiple users who are sitting at their own office desk to be present in a virtual 3D meeting.  Each user's computer is augmented with an HP Coliseum camera rig which enables multiple viewpoints of each user to be captured.  These images are then combined in real time to generate a 3D model of each user which are displayed in the virtual 3D room.  The goal of this project is to implement a motion parallax system so that the displayed viewpoint of the 3D world can be updated in real time.  This takes into account the users current head position so that the screen appears like a "virtual window" into the 3D world.  This allows the user to feel that he is actually present in the 3D world.
Technical contribution
Two new modules have been created, a head tracker, and a motion parallax algorithm. The head tracker uses the existing 2D silhouette contours to infer the 3D location of the head.  The contours are currently used to generate a 3D model.  Specifically the head tracker assumes the head is a  3D ellipsoid and this ellipsoid is tracked as a conic in each of the camera viewpoints.  This allows the head position to be located to about 2mm accuracy.  This head position is used to implement real time motion parallax for the user of the coliseum system.