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We meet to discuss a research paper or book chapter on a topic in computational vision or computer graphics. Oftern there are applications in robotics or human-computer interaction (HCI). We are currently meeting every Friday, but it really depends on the interest and schedule of participants. Our venue is now Thursday mornings at 11 AM in the Tenaya conference room, building 3U, unless otherwise noted. Guidelines

Founded by Donald Tanguay, and currently organized by Michael Harville. To join our Yahoo group mailing list, send email to

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August 11, 2006      
August 4, 2006      
July 28, 2006      
July 21, 2006      
July 14, 2006      
July 7, 2006 low-dimensional appearance model  Hai Tao, Ryan Crabb, and Feng Tang, "Non-orthogonal binary subspace and its applications in computer vision", ICCV, October 2005. Feng
June 7, 2006  features  D. Lowe, "Distinctive image features from scale-invariant keypoints," IJCV, January 2004. Mike
May 3, 2006 dynamic textures A. Schdl, R. Szeliski, D. Salesin, and I. Essa, "Video textures," SIGGRAPH 2000.
A. Agarwala, K.C. Zheng, C. Pal, M. Agrawala, M. Cohen, B. Curless, D. Salesin, and R. Szeliski, "Panoramic Video Textures," SIGGRAPH 2005.
August 10, 2005 projectors Peng Song and Tat-Jen Cham, "A theory for photometric self-calibration of multiple overlapping projectors and cameras," PROCAMS Workshop, CVPR 2005. Bruce
July 20, 2005 learning N. Jojic, B. Frey & A. Kannan , "Epitomic Analysis of Appearance and Shape", ICCV 2003 (Note: meeting at 11 AM) Donald
July 6, 2005 video V. Cheung, B. J. Frey, and N. Jojic, "Video Epitomes," CVPR 2005. Donald
February 2, 2005 projector arrays A. Majumder and Rick Stevens, "Perceptual photometric seamlessness in projection-based tiled displays," ACM Transactions on Graphics, vol. 24, no. 1, January 2005, pp. 118-139. Irwin
January 5, 2005 3D
C. Lawrence Zitnick, et al, "High-quality video view interpolation using a layered representation," SIGGRAPH 2004. (in the Tenaya conference room) Donald
December 8, 2004 stereo IBR Dan Kong and Hai Tao, Sparse IBR Using Range Space Rendering, in Proc. British Machine Vision Conference, vol. 1, pp. 181-190, 2003.
Y. Liu, G. Chen, C. Hofsetz, N. Max, P. McGuinness, "Visual hull rendering with multi-view stereo refinement," Journal of WSCG, vol 12, no 1-3, February 2004.
Mike H.
October 27, 2004 structure from motion R. Bolles, H. Baker, and D. Marimont, "Epipolar-plane image analysis: An approach to determining structure from motion," IJCV, vol. 1, pp. 7-55, 1987. John R.
 September 1, 2004  non-photorealistic capture Ramesh Raskar, et al, "Non-photorealistic camera: Depth edge detection and stylized rendering using multi-flash imaging," SIGGRAPH 2004. Bennett
 August 18, 2004  projectors Ramesh Raskar, et al, "iLamps: Geometrically Aware and Self-Configuring Projectors", SIGGRAPH 2003. Mike H.
August 4, 2004 projectors Ramesh Raskar, et al, "Multi-Projector Displays Using Camera-Based Registration," IEEE Visualization, San Francisco, October 1999. Donald
August 20, 2003 tracking Visual Tracking with Particle Filters
M. Isard and J. MacCormick, "BraMBLe: A Bayesian Multiple-Blob Tracker," ICCV 2001.
M. Isard and A. Blake, "CONDENSATION: conditional density propagation for visual tracking," IJCV 1998.
June 11, 2003 everything Bay Area Vision Meeting at UC Santa Cruz. Details found here.
May 21, 2003  PDEs, ODEs seminar: "PDEs and ODEs in Image Processing and Computer Vision." (abstract)  Gozde
December 9, 2002 reconstruction Greg Slabaugh, Ron Schafer, Mat Hans, "Image-Based Photo Hulls," First Intl. Symposium on 3D Processing, Visualization, and Transmission, 2002.  Greg
October 30, 2002  level sets J. A. Sethian, "Tracking Interfaces with Level Sets," American Scientist, May-June 1997. (public draft in PostScript or PDF (thanks, Dan!))
J. A. Sethian. Level Set Methods and Fast Marching Methods. Cambridge University Press, 1999. Introductory chapters. (slides)
October 16, 2002 matching Real Time Pattern Matching, Part II: Reducing the search in the spatial domain. Yakov Hel-Or and Hagit Hel-Or, "Real Time Pattern Matching Using Projection Kernels," manuscript, Sept. 3, 2002. Toky
October 9, 2002 matching Real Time Pattern Matching, Part I: Reducing the search in the transformation domain. Toky
October 2, 2002 image-based rendering C. Buehler, et al, "Unstructured Lumigraph Rendering," SIGGRAPH-2001. Bruce
September 18, 2002 tracking D. Comaniciu, V. Ramesh,  and P. Meer, "Real-Time Tracking of Non-Rigid Objects using Mean Shift," CVPR-2000, pp. 142-151. John M.
September 4, 2002 relighting V. Masselus, et al, "The Free-Form Light Stage," in Proc. of 13th Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, Pisa, Italy, 2002. Sketch at SIGGRAPH-2002. Web site. Dan
August 28, 2002 head tracking Internship summary talk by Adrian. Abstract. Adrian
August 21, 2002 image-based rendering W. Matusik, H. Pfister, A. Ngan, P. Beardsley, R. Ziegler, L. McMillan, "Image-Based 3D Photography using Opacity Hulls," SIGGRAPH-2002. Mike G.
August 14, 2002 image-based rendering M. Levoy and P. Hanrahan, "Light field rendering," SIGGRAPH-1996.
S. Gortler, R. Grzeszczuk, R. Szeliski, and M. F. Cohen, "The Lumigraph," SIGGRAPH-1996.
August 7, 2002 image-based rendering M. Irani, T. Hassner, and P. Anandan, "What Does a Scene Look Like from a Scene Point?", ECCV-2002. (slides) Donald
July 31, 2002 panoramic stereo H. Shum and R. Szeliski, "Stereo Reconstruction from Multiperspective Panoramas," ICCV-1999.
S. Seitz and J. Kim, "The Space of All Stereo Images," IJCV, 2001.
July 24, 2002 stereo E. Trucco and A. Verri. Introductory Techniques for 3D Computer Vision. Chapter 7: "Stereopsis," pp. 139-175. Donald
June 26, 2002 motion estimation M.J. Black and P. Anandan, "The robust estimation of multiple motions: Parametric and piecewise-smooth flow fields," Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 63:1, pp. 75-104, 1996. Ramin
June 12, 2002 motion estimation S.S. Beauchemin and J.L. Barron, "The Computation of Optical Flow," ACM Computing Surveys, 27:3, pp. 433-467, 1995. (slides) Donald
June 5, 2002 image-based rendering W. Matusik, C. Buehler, and L. McMillan, "Polyhedral Visual Hulls for Real-time Rendering," Proc. of Twelfth Eurographics Workshop on Rendering, London, England, June 2001, pp. 115-125. Mike G.
May 29, 2002 surface lighting T. Malzbender, D. Gelb, and H. Wolters, "Polynomial Texture Maps," SIGGRAPH 2001.
R. Woodham, "Photometric method for determining surface orientation from multiple images," Optical Engineering, 1980, vol. 19, no.1, pp. 139-144.
May 22, 2002 reconstruction G. Slabaugh, B. Culbertson, T. Malzbender, and R. Schafer, "A Survey of Methods for Volumetric Scene Reconstruction from Photographs," VG, June 2001, pp. 81-100. (slides) Bruce
May 15, 2002 face recognition Continuation of Eigenfaces. Mei
May 8, 2002 face recognition M. Turk and A. Pentland, "Face Recognition Using Eigenfaces," CVPR, May 1991, pp. 586-591. Mei
May 1, 2002 projective geometry Continuation of  Hartley and Zisserman. Mike H.
April 24, 2002 projective geometry R. Hartley and A. Zisserman, "Projective Geometry and Transformations of 2D", Chapter 1 of Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision , pp. 3-44. Mike H.
April 15, 2002 structure from motion C. Tomasi and T. Kanade, "Shape and Motion from Image Streams under Orthography: a Factorization Method," IJCV, November 1992, pp. 137-154. (CMU Tech report: text, figures) Bennett
April 8, 2002 (in Tuolumne!) First meeting - introductions, scheduling, handouts. Donald

Journals and Conferences

CVPR - Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
ECCV - European Conference on Computer Vision
ICCV - International Conference on Computer Vision
IJCV - International Journal of Computer Vision
PAMI - IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
SIGGRAPH - ACM Special Interest Group on Graphics
VG - International Workshop on Volume Graphics